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Alien Invasion is yet another space invaders clone.

Starting in summer 2010 a couple of friends and me started developing a small game just for fun. We wanted to do it from scratch to have total freedom and to learn something in the process. To keep things simple, we chose to create a Space Invaders clone.

Alien Invasion is entirely written in C#, using DirectX 10 with SlimDX and a self-made rendering engine, asynchronous resource management, the FMOD audio engine and utilizes a component-based game architecture. We even have a little LISP interpreter for our resource files! (Yes, we are totally aware that this is absolute overkill for a small game like that. But as I already said before this wasn’t about the game, it was about the experience and trying stuff we wanted to do.)

Source Code

As of 2016, the project can also be found on GitHub at the following location: https://github.com/StarforgeGames/alien-invasion

Have fun with it!


I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all people who contributed to this project. These are, in no particular order:

My special thanks goes to Hansheinz Müller Philipps Sohn for providing the server infrastructure during development.


Alien-Invasion_1-0.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

In order to run Alien Invasion, you need the .NET Framework 4.6. Additionally, you may need to install the SlimDX End User Runtime for .NET 4.0, available on the official SlimDX website in the download section.

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